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Item Detection background conveyor with 3d-a1000

3D-A1000 Item Detection System

Detects and reports status of objects on logistics sorter trays

3D-A1000 Item Detection System Features

The 3D-A1000 Item Detection system is a compact and industrial 3D + 2D motion-capable smart camera used for identifying presence or absence of objects on sorters. Patented 3D technology combined with 2D inspection capabilities deliver precision at production speeds. The carrier agnostic 3D-A1000 produces higher detection rates compared to conventional detection technologies, and outputs granular data to track system performance and health.

  • Increased order accuracy
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase sorter utilization
  • Prevent product loss
2D and 3D images of a package

3D + 2D technology provides functionality beyond presence/absence

Unlike conventional methods, the 3D-A1000 uses patented 3D Symbolic Light technology to freeze motion with a single image. The system gathers precise 3D and 2D information without the need for an encoder or complex calibrations. Embedded processing then utilizes Cognex vision tools to provide detailed inspections of carrier and production.

Achieve superior performance in low contrast environments

identify box on low contrast conveyor

Minimize false detection due to hygiene problems

System minimizes false detection due to hygiene problems on blue surface

Deploy on any carrier using simple teach functions

Carrier agnostic, deploy on any carrier to identify parcels

Optimize process automation by tracking item locations on sorter trays

system identifying item misplaced on conveyor

Detect small, clear, and reflective products using 3D + 2D technology

system detecting small clear product

Split a carrier into two zones, with each zone having its own detection conditions and status output

Split zones carriers with both identified

Monitor system health using carrier feedback on tray deviations

carrier feedback on tray deviations

Minimize product loss due to overhangs using item detection error states

Overhang detection, plastic package hanging off conveyor

Receive application assistance and performance feedback

3D-A1000 identifying DOT, direction of travel

Out of the box ready with easy integration and maintenance

The 3D-A1000 is factory focused and calibrated making system integration as simple as mounting. Unlike conventional systems requiring precise alignment, complex lighting, or difficult programming, the 3D-A1000 can be installed by anyone in under 15 minutes, using an intuitive setup wizard.

Step 1:

Connect without the hassle of software downloads and installation procedures.

Step 2:

Intuitive wizard simulates the installation environment to assist with mounting and optimization.

Step 3:

In under 15 minutes, the system is ready to run and auto-certify.



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