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Over the years industrial manufacturing has gone through many changes and now with industry 4.0 automation has become even more prevalent. Industrial automation equipment comes in many forms and can help every industry but isn’t always implemented early enough or in ways that take full advantage of it. No matter what industry you serve, Cognex offers the most powerful vision tools and industrial identification products for reliable performance and easy deployment into any factory environment. Whether you’re a line builder, system integrator or equipment supplier, working with Cognex offers many advantages.

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Reasons to Automate

Speed: As line speeds increase to scale up production, you need an automated system with inspection capabilities that are up to the task. Cognex systems are designed to perform accurately at the fastest production speeds. Award-winning vision tools ensure reliably fast and repeatable performance every time.

Connectivity: It is essential that your factory floor devices can accurately report performance information to maintain and improve output. Cognex products offer comprehensive built-in communication capabilities, making them easy to connect to a wide range of commonly used robot controllers, PLCs, HMI, and Fieldbus systems.

Quality: By pairing Cognex inspection with automation systems you can guarantee items are consistently produced error free. An automated process with quality inspection allows you to provide customers the best products every time.

Through computer software, robotic automation, and the best machine vision inspection you can create several high-performance automation systems. The benefits of these can be seen throughout your organization regardless of the implementation type. As automation equipment continues to be implemented in your industry and many others, ensure you’re using the very best products for every component in setup. Cognex provides the best vision and ID products for every automation application giving you the flexibility to pick the one that will perform best for your factory environment. For additional details, find a Cognex system integrator to help with your precise industrial automation equipment.

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