Cognex Logistics for Airport-Baggage-Handling

Airport Baggage Handling

Baggage Tracking and Security

Ensure quality baggage handling and delivery

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Resolution 753 requires all member airlines to demonstrate the acquisition and delivery of baggage at three points of the baggage journey: load, transfer and arrivals. Each time the bag is handled and loaded, the quality and readability of the tag is compromised due to smearing, scratching, wrinkling or weather conditions.

Cognex image-based barcode readers can help system operators meet ever-changing industry standards. Unlike laser scanners traditionally used by airports and airlines, Cognex barcode readers offer the exceptional ability to read damaged tags quickly and accurately. Fewer unread codes will increase IATA compliance through improved tracking and security capabilities while also increasing total customer satisfaction by helping to deliver luggage to its final destination on time.

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Cognex also offers an optional image-capture feature. This feature acquires color photographs of each bag, allowing users to visually analyze the cause of unread codes as bags are processed through the system and match any bag tag number with a distinct color photo of that individual bag.

System operators can use these barcode images for:
  • Baggage tracking
  • Security
  • Quality assurance
  • Traveler confirmation of baggage processing

Download: Airport Baggage Handling Datasheet

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