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Bottom-Side Barcode Reading Systems

Quickly and accurately read codes on the underside of packages or parcels

Real-time bottom-side decoding

Cognex Bottom-Side Systems decipher 1D and 2D codes faster than line scan technology. Line scan systems must build the entire image before decoding, causing packages to travel longer distances past the scan point before data transmission. Cognex DataMan barcode readers capture images and execute patented algorithms simultaneously; delivering faster results and reducing the distance between the reader and the divert point.

Bottom-side barcode reading system
Diagram showing how Cognex’s area scan system reduces no-reads due to dust and debris

Achieves 99.9% read rates

Since line scan systems acquire images 1-pixel row at a time, any dust and debris on scanners can block vital code information and cause no reads. Cognex bottom-side systems capture more information in a single image minimizing how much of the data is obscured, thereby improving read rates.

Easy to install and maintain

Installing and maintaining tunnels in space-constrained facilities can be challenging. Cognex compact Bottom-Side Barcode Reading Systems fit into tight spaces and require less conveyer length space. They have fewer restrictions for utility installs (such as wire trays), are less than half the weight of line scan systems and can be installed close to the conveyer belt. The convenient slide-out cover and mirror allow the system to be easily maintained from one side of the conveyer. The optional air knife accessory blows air over the top cover to remove dirt and debris.

Bottom-side barcode reading system installed under a conveyor belt
Diagram showing how Cognex's area scan system reduces no-reads due to vibration

Less susceptible to package movement

Natural motion and vibration from the conveyor can create artifacts in the acquired image and cause no reads. Cognex Bottom-Side Barcode Reading Systems are less vulnerable to box movement. Since DataMan barcode readers use area-based technology to capture images of packages, the 2D built-in feature finding algorithms can accurately piece the different images together to correct for vibration and movement.



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