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Computer Inspection

Explore just a few of the wide range of applications in the computer manufacturing process where Cognex vision and ID products are used to improve quality and drive down costs. Simply click on an application around the board to see Cognex products in action.

computer circuit board
circuit board manufacture 2D inspect play
Cognex In-Sight 8000 circuit board 2D code review pass fail
VISION: Check label position and legibility
circuit board manufacturing play
In-Sight 8000 circuit board assembly inspection pass fail
VISION: Inspect connector leads
circuit board manufacturing inspect play
Cognex insight circuit board line inspection bent pass fail
VISION: Inspect quality of edge connector tracks
circuit board 2d barcode qr code read play
Cognex dataman series circuit board qr code reading pass fail
ID: Read laser-marked 2D code
circuit board insight explorer check for level or askew fail
Cognex In-Sight 8000 circuit board level or askew review pass fail
VISION: Verify end panel alignment
Circuit board part placement review play
Cognex In-Sight 8000 circuit board part placement verification pass fail
VISION: Verify location of critical components


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