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DataMan 280 Series Fixed-Mount Barcode Readers

Premium decoding technology in a compact form factor

DataMan 280 Series Features

DataMan 280 series fixed-mount barcode readers offer fast decoding, easy setup, and valuable Industry 4.0 features, like web browser connectivity and performance monitoring, in a small form factor. DataMan 280 was engineered to better track and trace items throughout manufacturing and logistics supply chains solving a broad range of tough 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) code applications.

DataMan 280 reading multiple codes on box

Solve tough manufacturing and logistics applications

DataMan 280 series was designed to be flexible. The modular hardware and software can be configured to solve any barcode reading challenge. Easily decode difficult DPM codes on challenging automotive and medical device surfaces. Read multiple label-based barcodes simultaneously on boxes and pallets, even behind specular wraps. And accurately read user presented codes with a large depth of focus for speedy handling.

See the DataMan 280 in 360 degrees

Get a closer look at the advanced features the DataMan 280 has to offer in a fully interactive guided 3D tour.

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Latest Cognex technology improves code handling and coverage

The latest patented decoding algorithms and technology read low resolution and damaged codes at high speeds, including QR codes. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances image quality and contrast to improve code handling and enable greater coverage for better efficiency. High-Speed Liquid Lens (HSLL) technology dynamically autofocuses without any mechanical parts to solve high-speed, high-variability applications with fewer cameras in less time.

1D OCR and 1D, 2D code reading challenging codes successfully
Performance monitoring dashboard

Advanced features enable easy setup and performance monitoring

DataMan 280 combined with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI)  provides advanced Industry 4.0 features like easy web browser connectivity, device management, and performance monitoring. It allows users to configure multiple devices at once and begin trending important system performance metrics in minutes. Facility managers can identify trends and intervene quickly when dips in performance are spotted.



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