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DS800 Series

High-Speed, High-Resolution 3D Laser Displacement Sensors

Solve challenging vision tasks with versatile, easy-to-deploy 3D laser displacement sensors

The DS800 Series laser displacement sensors are designed to optimize product quality by providing detailed 3D inspections of your products. These simple-to-use sensors generate highly accurate three-dimensional renderings of parts under inspection by combining laser triangulation with advanced image formation. Surface-level features, such as length, width, height, and tilt, can then be extracted from these renderings with micrometer precision.

Able to work in the harshest factory settings, the DS800 Series offers high-performance in a compact, IP65-rated form factor. These powerful 3D vision sensors provide manufacturers across all industries with a cost-effective solution for automating 3D vision tasks, including inspection, guidance, and measurement applications.

DS800 3D laser displacement sensor product photo
DS800 3D laser displacement sensor product photo

Upgrade your 3D inspections with advanced technical features

  • Blue laser technology generates high-quality 3D images, up to 1920 3D points and <0.5 µm vertical resolution
  • Off-the-shelf, pre-calibrated hardware allows for easy factory integration
  • High-speed 3D image acquisition increases production line speed and maximizes throughput
  • Full software suite and access to extensive 3D vision libraries enable rapid application setup
  • Low operating temperature reduces power consumption and improves metrology performance
  • Industrial, compact housing offers better stability and flexibility for machine and robot integration

Improve quality and expedite deployment with factory pre-calibration

Each sensor unit in the DS800 Series is individually calibrated with a variety of reference points within the field of view and measurement range. Using this unique calibration method you can correct any kind of distortion and deviation including:

  • Perspective distortion
  • Lens distortion
  • Laser non-linearity
  • Manufacturing tolerances
DS810 and DS820 3D laser displacement sensors overlaid with target icon

Maintain your competitive edge with innovative technologies

Several core technologies differentiate the DS800 Series in the 3D sensor market. These include integrated optics, optimized resolution, and advanced filtering.

Light burst icon over camera shutter

Integrated Optics – Embedded optics and laser illumination eliminate the need for lenses and lighting to be evaluated, tested, and purchased for every application.

Magnifying glass over cube icon

Optimized Resolution – Integration of the latest technology enables more precise measurements, detection of smaller defects, and better automation control than other 3D sensors.

Arrows bouncing off surface to indicate reflectivity

Advanced Filtering – Unique filtering process generates highly accurate images of products with complex surface features, such as glass, specular, and highly reflective surfaces.



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