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Consumer Product bottles on conveyor belt

Consumer Products

Fill Level Inspection

Ensure proper fill levels with 3D vision

Fill Level Inspection using 3D-A5000

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3D-A5000 Series Area Scan 3D Camera

3D-A5000 Series

Solve 3D applications with unmatched performance, accuracy, and ruggedness.

Machine vision improves filling equipment automation by both manufacturers and their equipment suppliers. These applications include inspecting for container flaws, determining package position and orientation, and detecting missing or underfilled product.

Prior to filling, a container must be positioned correctly under the spout. Improperly positioned containers will cause spillage and delays. Filling lines move quickly, at speeds of several hundred bottles per minute. Moreover, fill level tolerances are very narrow. Those that have not been filled properly must be rejected.

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The 3D-A5000 area scan 3D camera solves 3D applications like filling inspections with unmatched performance, accuracy, and ruggedness. When positioned above a container, the 3D area scan camera can ensure that it is properly filled. The 3D-A5000 features 3D LightBurst technology, which uses a unique blue light pattern to acquire high-resolution 3D images at high speed. It also delivers a full field-of-view 3D point cloud image as fast as 200 milliseconds, allowing higher throughput and shorter cycle times for in-line applications.

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