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Cognex Corporate Giving History

Cognex's Corporate Donations Program reflects the company's philosophy of "work hard, play hard, and stay healthy." Each corporate gift supports a project in one of these three categories.

Work Hard

In the Work Hard category, Cognex supports programs that promote learning and education, particularly in engineering, science, and math. Past projects have included:
  • Cognex Computer Lab at Morse Institute Library
    Our corporate gift to the Natick Library helped purchase new computers and created the Cognex Computer Lab, a free resource where adults can use computers, access the Internet, and take computer literacy classes.
  • Alameda Education Foundation
    Cognex partnered with this educational service organization to purchase new equipment for science classrooms in Alameda, California.
  • First Robotics Team Partnerships
    Cognex sponsorships have enabled middle and high school students teams from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Duluth, Georgia, and Natick Massachusetts to participate in the First Robotics Competition and First Lego Competitions.
    These exciting national competitions are designed to encourage student interest in science and technology. The program culminates in an annual competition in which robots built and programmed by student teams compete in performing designated tasks.

Play Hard

In the Play Hard category, the company has sponsored events that promote community recreation, celebration and fun. Past projects have included:
  • Natick Spooktacular
    An annual children's Halloween party offered free to residents of Natick, Massachusetts where the company’s headquarters is located.
  • Concerts on the Common
    A summertime concert series offered free to residents of Natick, Massachusetts on the town green.

Stay Healthy

In the Stay Healthy category, Cognex contributes primarily to initiatives sponsored by the American Cancer Society, to organizations that aid the blind, and to projects that help cities and towns purchase lifesaving equipment for their communities.  Past recipients have included:
  • Oregon Foundation for Vision Awareness
    Cognex partnered with this Portland, Oregon organization to help finance vision care and purchase eyeglasses for children in need.
  • Natick Fire Department
    Cognex helped the Natick, Massachusetts  fire department purchase a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera, a piece of life saving equipment that enables firefighters to better locate victims through thick smoke and darkness, and to see "hot spots" in burning buildings.


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