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High-Powered Integrated Torch Light

Unmatched lighting and autofocus technology

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The high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) light provides unmatched illumination power for fixed-mount barcode readers. HPIT is ideal for presentation scanning, difficult to read codes, and applications that are challenged by changes in working distances. It uses 16 programmable LED lights, high-speed autofocus technology, and distance sensors to provide high-quality 1D and 2D code image formation every time.

Benefits of HPIT

The HPIT light eliminates the need for external lighting, reducing cost and complexity. A guided laser aimer allows the field of view to be clearly mapped to the desired target for quick setup. Multi-color LED lights provide operator feedback to indicate events such as a no read, wrong part detected, or possible printing issues. Interchangeable diffuse or polarized front covers allow maximum flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

High-speed liquid lenses (HSLL) dynamically autofocus by detecting how far away the target object is from the lens and rapidly auto-adjusting focus before the next image is taken to ensure a crisp image.

HPIT - High Speed Liquid Lens

When the distance to the target object changes, it is often useful to adjust more than just focus to achieve optimal decoding performance. For example, when an object is closer, a filter can be applied to reduce glare, lower light output, and shorten exposure. Previously, this was only possible by cycling through all read setups. HPIT dynamically enables multiple read setups based on distance sensor measurements, saving a lot of time on variable applications.

HPIT - Multiple Read Setups

Interactive Lighting Advisor

This unique tool allows you to explore the effects of different lighting techniques and lighting positions on a range of typical items.

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