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Liquid Lens Technology

Dynamic autofocusing system

High-Speed Liquid Lens

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One of the keys to any machine vision or barcode reading application is selecting the right lens. There are a few important considerations including field of view, aperture, sensor compatibility, and focal point. Traditional optics have mechanical parts that require an operator to set at a fixed focal point. Once set, the focal point is very difficult to adjust if the distance to the target suddenly changes.

Autofocus technology solves this problem by working in the same way as the human eye, reshaping and bending in order to focus without any mechanical parts. This refocusing is also accomplished through software, eliminating the need for an operator to manually adjust the lens in the field or on the line.

With the latest high-speed liquid lens (HSLL) technology from Cognex, users are able to achieve easy setup and dynamic autofocusing in presentation reading as well as high-speed, high-variability applications. Setup requires only one click in the software to focus the camera. And, as the distance from the object to the camera changes, the lens automatically adjusts the focus frame by frame.

The benefits of HSLL include:
  • No mechanical parts or manual intervention needed
  • Fewer cameras needed for applications requiring large depth-of-field
  • 2 to 3 milliseconds to refocus, ensuring crisp images every time

Select the right lens for your application with the Cognex Lens Advisor.

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