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Making Vision Easy

In-Sight Explorer Software offers EasyBuilder for quick and easy deployment

In-Sight Explorer
  • Cognex believes that every manufacturing environment deserves access to the powerful capabilities of machine vision.

  • The most powerful In-Sight® vision tools are now the easiest to use and are presented more simply than ever before with the EasyBuilder® interface in our In-Sight Explorer Software. This easy-to-use interface walks you through the process of setting up your vision application, step by step.

    Great for first time vision users, EasyBuilder doesn't require you to learn programming, allowing you to get the application deployed and running in a very short time and enabling you to focus on what's most familiar… your part! Plus, the advanced vision tools and logic make EasyBuilder a powerful interface for the experienced vision user too!

    For advanced vision users, In-Sight Explorer gives you access to the power and flexibility of the spreadsheet to allow you to program solutions for the most challenging applications.

    Working from an image of the part, four simple steps complete the application setup:

    1. START Connect your In-Sight vision system on your network and set up the image to inspect.
    2. SET UP TOOLS Locate and inspect the part using a library of over 40 industry proven vision tools.
    3. CONFIGURE RESULTS Point-and-click setup for inputs, outputs, and communication to PLCs, robots and HMIs.
    4. FINISH Choose the images to record while inspecting, and put your In-Sight vision system online.

    That’s all it takes to complete an application! In a fraction of the time that you would normally spend learning how to set up a vision system, you can have your entire solution configured and deployed.



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