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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) machine builders and equipment suppliers often must balance customer demand for economically priced equipment delivered as soon as possible, with frequent requirement changes during the equipment design process.

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When product configuration and production environment changes result in altered machine vision requirements, delivery schedules tend to slip as costs increase. Machine vision and ID solutions are also generally not as straightforward as they initially appear, and a job may be bid in one location and deployed elsewhere in the world, requiring worldwide support.

That’s why many OEM machine builders and equipment suppliers choose Cognex to meet these challenges. They need a relationship with a global vision supplier that has the resources and experience to respond quickly to a wide range of production variables worldwide.

Cognex people, products, pre-sales support, multi-language software, and global presence minimize the time that OEM machine builders and equipment suppliers have to spend developing and redesigning their systems, and commissioning the vision system for final acceptance testing. Reliable, robust Cognex vision and ID also means fewer post-installation calls from customers.

Cognex helps you:

  • Assess feasibility with our expertise
  • Evaluate to avoid costly problems later on
  • Deploy successfully with worldwide support
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