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Food and Beverage

Food and beverage packaging inspection

Avoid damage, prevent contamination, and preserve brand loyalty

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Packaging inspection applications in the food and beverage industry are critical to ensuring outgoing product quality and safety. Faulty or damaged packaging can adversely affect how distributors and consumers perceive product quality, safety, and value, or result in costly product recalls.

A product recall is a significant and costly event for companies. A single recall by a supplier can impact countless companies up and down the supply chain. Some of the top reasons for food and beverage product recalls include bacterial contamination, undeclared allergens, and foreign materials. Companies surveyed that faced a recall estimated the financial impact to be up to $30 million dollars, some even higher.

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Industry 4.0 is the innovative approach of incorporating a greater level of automation and data exchange in manufacturing to solve packaging applications efficiently. The combination of machine vision, deep learning, barcode reading, and verification technology can help ensure primary and secondary packaging is sealed properly, tamper-proof, correctly assembled, and defect-free to avoid rework and product recalls.

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