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high speed steerable mirror reading multiple pallet barcodes

Pallet Scanning System

Process bulk packaging more effectively

Pallet Scanning System Features

The Pallet Scanning System, powered by the DataMan 470 barcode reader with innovative High-Speed Steerable Mirror, accurately reads barcodes on moving pallets and large packages on conveyors. Simple to install and easy to use, the Pallet Scanning solution accurately reads codes from short working distances across a wide field of view (FOV) with a single reader.

  • Increases traceability
  • Improves line efficiency
  • Reduces operational complexity
Camera system on a frame scanning the sides of pallets as they pass by on a conveyor
 two images of machine vision camera system reading barcodes on pallets. One uses a mirror for reflection and the other directly reads the barcodes.

Simple and cost-effective solution

Historically, scanning large areas on pallets was complex. They required expensive, numerous machine vision systems or multiple laser-based barcode readers to successfully read varied barcodes within a wide FOV. The Pallet Scanning System delivers the value and performance of machine vision at a cost-effective price point. The High-Speed Steerable Mirror within the Pallet Scanning System provides the required coverage and speed in a single compact form factor. The solution can also be configured with an optional external mirror to solve applications with ultra-short working distances and tight clearances.

Easy to set up and deploy

Using the intuitive, web-based setup wizard, operators can set up a pallet scanning application in less than 5 minutes. Unlike static machine vision and rastering laser solutions, the mirror movement (scanning pattern) can be custom configured to specific applications specifications ensuring the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times. Once deployed, Cognex Edge Intelligence monitors system performance by analyzing trends, monitoring configuration changes, and capturing no-read and failed validation images for further analysis.

User interface screens with data entry fields to configure a high-speed steerable mirror and track performance.
Dual image showing before and after of a barcode reading system that can be easily upgraded to a multi-sided barcode scanning tunnel.

Scalable single- and multi-sided solutions

Modular and flexible by design, each system is built on a lightweight, strong, and adjustable aluminum frame that is optimized to belt height and width. Single-sided pallet scanning systems can be easily upgraded into multi-sided solutions and redeployed for evolving requirements (such as dock-door scanning), futureproofing your investment.

Benefits at a Glance

  • 5x FOV expansion from a single device reduces cost and complexity
  • Guided setup simplifies deployment and maintenance
  • Dynamic autofocus with distance sensing captures clear images to maximize readability
  • Stores full resolution images for post-processing diagnosis

Upgrade Your Pallet Scanning Solution

Use our interactive logistics ROI calculator to see how much you can save with the latest technology for pallet scanning.

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