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Return on Investment: Automate Production

In-sight 2000 machine vision inspection with robotic arm for production automation


Enabling production with vision guided robotics solutions and replacing costly inflexible mechanical procedures with vision technology leads to a more flexible and cost-efficient production. Bottlenecks can be reduced, robots with “eyes” increase accuracy and capital expenses are reduced thus bringing tangible cost savings in very short time.

Reduce capital costs

Durable cost savings and no machine down-time—In the automotive industry pressure from overseas manufacturing is high and so it is critical that costs are kept down. In one particular customer application, damage to a tool in the tooling machine could cost up to $ 5,000 to repair, not to mention the scrap and machine downtime. By implementing a vision solution and eliminating costly tooling equipment, the customer saved money made his life easier.

Eliminating $ 5,000 repair jobs on multiple lines meant the company saw a durable return on investment within 6 months. What they saved on scrap and machine downtime boosted their bottom line and continues to have a positive effect financially.

Total estimated savings: $ 100,000

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Optimize production

Robots with “eyes” save money and make things easier—For a leading robotics manufacturer affordability is a key consideration when equipping robots with “eyes”. Cost justification is critical in this business and In-Sight® vision systems are much less expensive compared to traditional vision systems. This means that it is now possible to automate processes that were once cost-prohibitive. For example, in bin-picking applications, there are tangible labor savings and so most vision guided robotic applications have an ROI of less then a year.

For one major supplier in the US their average labor costs were about $ 20 an hour. When they implemented a vision guided robotic solution they reduced these costs to approximately $ 5 an hour saving at least $ 15 per hour. Manpower can be better utilized and there is the added bonus that allows them to keep manufacturing in their own country, while still being able to compete in the world market.

Total estimated labor savings for one year: $ 160,000

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Eliminate expensive mechanical equipment

Boost production by making it more flexible—By deploying In-Sight vision systems in their machines, a German laser machine manufacturer for the welding of small metal parts eliminated the need for clamping and positioning devices. This means a new flexibility in the operating method, with increased automation and a boost in production quality. Waste is reduced and production costs are cut.

It costs much less for the company to equip each machine with a vision system then with expensive fixturing equipment. The company also got increased flexibility and much lower maintenance costs as a bonus allowing them to see a rapid return on their investment by eliminating expensive capital costs. On each of the machines the company saved approximately $ 2000 on costs and maintenance.

Total estimated savings: $ 120,000

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Reduce equipment costs

The ability of a Checker® vision sensor to self trigger a rejection station on a bottling line reduced the company’s equipment costs by 20%. The sensor identifies defective bottles and alerts the rejection station to knock defective bottles out of the line. The sensor also inspects for incorrectly placed caps, proper placement of tamper evident cap safety rings, appropriate fill levels, and other problems that can occur out of sight or under the caps. The need for extra parts or line equipment is eliminated greatly reducing costs and increasing both production speed and quality control.

Total estimated savings: $ 8,000

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