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Return on Investment: Verify Assembly

Cognex insight 8000 red light inspection to verify assembly


Any manufacturer who has been obliged to start from scratch on a production line just because one product was faulty or one small part had not been properly inspected, knows the value of vision systems in the assembly process. By using vision, defects can be detected before more value is added to a part, and costly errors can be avoided meaning very tangible cost efficiencies.

Reduce costly final inspections

A significant trend in the automotive industry is to decrease cost and increase quality at the same time. A global supplier of machines to this industry has been very successful using vision in each machine and at each stage of the production process. For example, each robot on the motor assembly line is using In-Sight® vision systems to check components before and after assembly. Defects are detected before adding more value to the part which greatly reduces the need for costly inspection at the end.

The cost of a single defect detected on the final test is the same order of magnitude as a single point of inspection ensuring a return of investment of a few months per inspection point.

Total estimated savings: $ 50,000 per line

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Optimize production and boost revenue

Automotive assembly time reduced by 20%—Using automated inspection machines ensured an automotive client boosted production efficiency for a particular model of van by 20%. The process has been made safer, more reliable, faster and cost-effective. Previously this inspection would have had to be done mechanically. Using In-Sight as part of a robotic guidance solution, potential faults down the line are reduced to a minimum preventing future costly product recalls.

Optimizing production by 20% significantly boosted revenue in the first year meaning a return on their investment in just a couple of months.

Total estimated increase in revenue: $ 300,000

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