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Vision Guided Robotics

Unmatched accuracy and ease of use for robotics integrators

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Compact, powerful, and easy-to-use vision sensors for robot and stage alignment applications.



Alignment solution for advanced high-precision flat panel display manufacturing applications.

Guiding robots with machine vision enables flexible manufacturing and production lines to readily accommodate product changes. In addition to locating parts for pick-and-place or guiding a robot to assemble components, machine vision can also inspect, measure, and read 1D and 2D barcodes as products are being handled or assembled. It also eliminates costly precision fixturing, prevents accidental robot collisions, and processes various part types without a tooling changeover.

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Cognex offers a complete family of vision products—from standalone vision systems to 2D and 3D vision software—to give your robot the power of sight.

  • Industry-leading 2D and 3D vision software for accuracy, speed, and reliable performance
  • Self-contained AlignSight alignment sensors offer an affordable, easy-to-use solution for solving vision-guided robotic (VGR) and stage applications
  • Leading vision tool performance, such as PatMax and PatMax RedLine to accurately and reliably locate unfixtured parts
  • Non-linear calibration improves accuracy and repeatability by correcting for lens and perspective distortion
  • Robot drivers, such as URCaps, and sample code facilitate integration
  • Durable hardware, like the In-Sight 8000 vision systems and 3D-A5000 area scan 3D cameras, withstands harsh environments

Discover why world class robotics OEMs such as ABB, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Universal Robots and Yaskawa have chosen Cognex machine vision systems to provide sight in their robot guidance applications.


A powerful vision-guided robotics system is one that can face the numerous challenges posed by the factory floor head on by saving time and improving the flexibility of the robot. ABB Integrated Vision integrates with Cognex solutions and offers a fast and easy way to ensure that end-user products meet the highest quality and standards.

abb vision guided robot assembling blocks at tradeshow booth
kuka VGR arm moving artistic barrels under guidance camera
KUKA.Visiontech with Cognex VisionPro, Source: KUKA


With KUKA.VisionTech, KUKA offers a flexible 2D vision solution for their robots, which integrates with Cognex VisionPro software. The powerful vision tools locate, inspect and read codes on stationary or moving parts.


Cognex and Mitsubishi Electric have been partnering on delivering powerful robot-vision solutions since 2008. The combination of the Mitsubishi MELFA series robots and Cognex vision systems powered by PatMax combine to provide high speed and high precision handling and assembly solutions.

mitsubishi robotic arm moving Cognex logo blocks
Cognex universal robots connections and programing window

Universal Robots

Cognex has developed a URCap solution with Universal Robots to guide users through communication and hand eye calibration with UR robots. The solution is designed for Cognex In-Sight 2D machine vision systems and leverages Cognex’s world class vision tools to deliver sight capabilities in any robot application. The system can be used to:
  • GUIDE the robot to specific coordinates
  • INSPECT the part after manipulation
  • OUTPUT valuable data for downstream analysis


The MOTOMAN HC10 is a 6 axes human-collaborative robot with a payload of 10 kg. It uses MotoSight 2D, a powerful vision system featuring the Cognex In-Sight cameras for general robot guidance, error proofing, part identification and inspection. Target applications include machine tending, processing, and press brake tending.

yaskawa vision guided robotic arm moving and placing dominos


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