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Testimonials: Ease of Use

Cognex vision solutions are flexible and user friendly being based on an intuitive user environment. Specialized functions and a wide range of vision tools allow operators to solve a wide range of applications without having to completely re-program.

Vision inspection is a key part of the strategy put in place by Continental in France for tire inspection and quality control. Detecting and removing defective parts at the manufacturing stage in which they appear is crucial to avoid customer complaints and costly recalls.

The In-Sight vision sensors are very intuitive and can be configured by a few clicks of the mouse with no need for a PC. This simplifies connections and reduces maintenance. We made a good choice with Cognex, because we have been able to develop our applications ourselves and to have them assessed according to our requirements.

Luc Vaucelle, Project Manager

ABB logo

Ease of use was a decisive factor when ABB in the USA decided to have their FlexPicker robot guided by In-Sight vision sensors. Having successfully integrated In-Sight with the FlexPicker robot, the group now has plans to include In-Sight sensors with the rest of ABB’s extensive product line.

The real beauty of In-Sight is how simple it is to use, while providing all the power and flexibility of a traditional vision system. It would be difficult to go back to traditional styles of vision system programming.

Joe Crompton, Staff Engineer

Boston Scientific logo

Boston Scientific, one  of the worlds largest medical device manufacturers decided to use vision technology on one US site as an identification solution for products prior to packaging. Now the company can ensure that catheters are correctly packaged before being shipped to hospitals.  By using an automated vision solution up to 4000 devices a day can be shipped.

By implementing 2D marking and In-Sight reading technologies, we now have a foolproof and efficient way to ensure that our products are labeled properly.

Chris Pelerine, Quality Engineer
Boston Scientific


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