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Testimonials: Integration

Installation of a vision system should be seamless with minimum of disturbance to existing production areas and with long term flexibility in mind. Adapting inspection tasks to the changing requirements of the customer should be a priority. Cognex products and software are easy to use, flexible and tolerant. Our customers can also rely on a global network of partner system integrators for the installation of tailor-made solutions.

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The Dana Glacier Vandervell site in the UK manufactures many different types of bearings for industrial and automotive markets. The company has been using vision systems for about 15 years. In-Sight was chosen for new projects, because it is ideal for situations when fast configuration and quick response is needed for production line changes.

In-Sight makes for very fast machine configuration and, better still, means I can refine our inspection procedures almost on the fly.

Greg Hay, Project Engineer
Dana Glacier Vandervell

Saab Automobile PowerTrain needed to eliminate manual inspection. Automating the inspection process allows Saab to set a standard and demonstrate that money is being invested on improvements that are in keeping with their customer’s needs. In order to stay competitive it is essential to ensure increasingly shorter lead times and high-quality performance.

Thanks to the fully integrated solution proposed by Cognex and their system integrator partner, all gearboxes delivered are inspected and feature zero defects.

Ulf Svensson, Group Leader of Manufacturing Engineering

Wella logo

Wella, Germany are using PC based vision systems to ensure the quality of their shampoo bottles. Bottles are inspected for up to seven different features, despite product batches being different in size, shape and color. Inspections include label position/type and cap fit. The second station looks at bottles in a multiple pack, ensuring that all bottles are present and correctly packaged.

Integrating the vision system has been an extensive and valuable experience; we now plan to install additional systems in this plant as well as in others. In a sense we have become our own system integrators as the vision application knowledge is all held within the organization.

Frank Groeger, Head of Engineering 


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