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Testimonials: Return on Investment

Investment in ways to improve and optimize manufacturing operations is critical for most industries. Vision technology reduces capital, labor and maintenance costs and increases competitive advantage in a global economy. Competitively priced vision systems give Cognex products the edge when it comes to a positive return on investment for users.

BIC New-Zealand produces pens and exports all over the world. BIC sees their investment in machine vision as a way to reduce scrap, improve production and gain a competitive advantage by competing with quality.

As a small plant we suffer from economies of scale compared to the larger plants offshore. We've looked at this technology before - but this time the price-performance is at a level where we can justify the investment.

Bernie Jamieson, Manufacturing Engineer
BIC New-Zealand

Previously, at Sony in Malaysia, badly read codes and the resulting rejection rates were costing the company up to $5,000 a week. Their old code reading system having proved incapable of rising to the challenge, Sony in Malaysia is now using the In-Sight® 5110 for code reading on PCBs destined for their new MP3 players.

The fact that we have improved our code reading times and increased our success rate to 100% saves us valuable time and boosts our production efficiency – we hope to implement these vision solutions elsewhere for other OCR applications.

TK Tan, Staff Engineer
Sony, Penang

By the end of the 1990’s Rexam had begun to invest in vision systems in order to improve quality and reduce the number of production errors in beverage containers. With the use of vision systems, the quality of bottle manufacturing is assured and unnecessary waste is eliminated through vision inspection.

During the past five or six years, our investment in vision systems has really paid off.  Through automated inspections, we have a wide cover which together with other quality-control measures minimizes the incidence of error.

Urban Larsson, Production Manager


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