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Testimonials: Value

A key advantage of the Cognex vision range is its attractive price/performance ratio. Whether it be a robotic guided vision solution, part inspection, a traceability application for 2D or Data Matrix code reading or a simple presence/absence detection, Cognex can provide an affordable and flexible solution.

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ABB’s expertise in robotics and Cognex’s expertise in machine vision combine to form a robotic solution that is second to none.  Nothing comes close to the cycle rate, payload handling, and cost effectiveness that the system can provide once equipped with vision.

The icing on the cake for us is how inexpensive the vision sensors are compared to traditional vision systems.

Joe Crompton, Senior Engineer

A particular medical product, expensive and sensitive to light, is packaged in small flasks/containers and is placed in special crates for maximum protection. In order to inspect this packaging, Cermex, France, specialist in end-of line packaging machines, chose vision technology. Cognex vision sensors verify the number of flasks placed in the crates as well as checking for the presence of a document in each one.

We opted for a 100% vision solution for several reasons, the technological homogeneity of the inspections, the space-saving qualities of the products as well as great value for money. Not to mention the fact that Cognex has a strong international reputation, which reflects well on us as a company.

Jean Marc Passemard, Operational Marketing Manager

Meridian Beverage Company in Atlanta needed a reliable “Fill & Cap” verification system for a new bottling line with a production speed of 375 bottles a minute. A Cognex vision sensor was selected for its high reliability, operating speed and added features.

I expect effective solutions for my company’s money. This vision sensor is the type of answer I like to see. Simple, efficient and cost effective.

Charles Purcell, Director
Meridian Beverage Company


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