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TestRun Validation Utility

Refine, test and verify inspection systems automatically

Available only with In-Sight® vision systems, the TestRun™ validation platform gives users increased confidence in the validity of their vision inspection results. A setup dialog simplifies test routine configuration without the overhead of extra programming. Additionally, if an anomaly is ever detected on your line, you can use the TestRun for fast, simple troubleshooting.

Who benefits from the TestRun validation utility?

  • Machine operators can easily and automatically test the vision system and verify operation at the beginning of a shift or after a product changeover.
  • Systems integrators and designers can demonstrate that the vision system meets the application requirements and expedite the validation of a system installation.
  • Quality managers can identify “borderline” inspections to refine pass/fail criteria.


A comprehensive test routine for your vision systems

  1.  Pass/Fail Limit Tests
     Confirm that the current setup parameters are within the expected limits.
  2.  Defect Tests
     Evaluate each image in the library by the current vision program to confirm “expected” results.
  3.  Hardware Tests
     Measure image integrity by checking factors such as the focus (sharpness), the field of view (position), and the illumination  (brightness) of the current system.



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