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Top-side barcode scanner over parcel conveyor

Top-Side Barcode Reading Tunnels

Quickly and accurately read and decode face-up barcodes

Improve throughput and reduce manual rework for logistics

Cognex Top-Side Barcode Reading Tunnels feature image-based barcode readers that use advanced algorithms and decoding technology to achieve up to 99.9% read rates which increases overall throughput and decreases manual rework. Cognex Top-Side Barcode Reading Tunnels feature:

  • DataMan image-based barcode readers that have no moving parts that will wear out or fail.
  • A 15-degree wedge that delivers an optimal scanning angle.
  • Real-time performance feedback and trending information that delivers operational insights for corrective action.
  • Barcode Assignment a technology that prevents multi-reads of codes across small gaps and ensures the right code is assigned to the right package.
Exploded view of top-side barcode reading system

Adapt to changing needs with flexible tunnel solutions

Cognex Top-Side Barcode Reading Tunnel solutions for logistics are modular by design. Each system is built on a lightweight, strong, and adjustable aluminum frame that is optimized to belt height and width and is shipped as a single unit. The readers, modules, and frames are flexible to meet different environmental and business needs over time. Future updates can include:

  • Adding and repositioning cameras
  • Modifying lighting accessories
  • Converting to 2D code reading
  • Upgrading to the latest vision and barcode reading technology

Achieve fast ROI through quick installation, superior service, and end-user training

Designed with modular components, Cognex Top-Side Barcode Reading Tunnels are quickly installed in just hours by a local Cognex certified Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI) or Cognex directly. Rapid installation and commissioning means you more quickly realize the benefits of increased throughput, greater efficiency, and return on investment.

Once you are in operation, it is important to work with a trusted partner who delivers service and support when you need it. Cognex’s global team of dedicated logistics experts is ready to help accelerate adoption and keep your operations running smoothly through:

  • 24x7 phone support
  • On-site support options
  • Training classes and other educational resources
Cognex Logistics Partner Integrator checking wires

Build YOUR Top-Side Tunnel Solution

Select from a few key application parameters to build a top-side tunnel solution designed for your specific needs.

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